Thursday, 11 October 2012

Research Object 1- Ansel Adams

As a photographer, Ansel Adams is someone I greatly admire for the amazing work he produces. I am only just beginning to practice landscape photography, so I felt it necessary to credit a big influence to some of my works.

Adams works predominantly in black and white using a variety of film cameras. A lot of his work is based in the Yosemite National Park in USA, his choice of natural and unblemished landscapes shows the natural beauty left in the world. We live in such an urban world and for Adams to disregard it all and focus on the natural beauty left is powerful. 

He influenced me to take a step back from composing series in which are controversial and made me realize that there is beauty in other forms. I spent a few weeks away from focusing on portraiture and documentary and focused on black and white and colour landscape images inspired by Adams. I did not use a film camera like Adams, I stuck to my SLR but I am now practicing with a film camera to get different effects and qualities. I have included below some of my own images inspired by Adams. 

 Image 1, Taken July 2012
Image 2, Taken July 2012

Image 3, Taken July 2012

Image 4, Taken July 2012

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